Plagiarism Checker Service FAQs

What do I need to access this service? is completely cloud based and thus does not require installation of any expensive or specific software on the users' computer. However a few general requirements are outlined below:

  • a fairly recent web browser (Internet Explorer 6.0+, FireFox 1.5+, Safari 2.0+, or any other web browser released after 2006).
  • internet connection (from the slowest (dial-up) to the fastest (cable), any connection will work).
  • Adobe Flash Player 8.0+ (if you don't have it installed, you can download it free from here).

Is your Document Correction service better than competing services?

Document Correction services offered by provides a unique mix of original writing backed by patented plagiarism checking service to guarantee results. Our writers are USA and UK based only and thus proficient in the requirements of Western universities.

Additionally, we employ only professional, university level writers to ensure a wide range of disciplines (law, medical, business, essays etc) can be worked up on.

Backed by a full money back warranty to ensure timely delivery, plagiarism free papers, which are well written, unlike contemporary paper mill services which usually just copy/paste from past papers and offer little more than a false sense of security.

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Services and Features (overview) provides a unique opportunity for students, teachers, researchers, and professionals to check their documents, articles, papers, assignments, thesis, dissertations etc for originality using a patented sentence structure and synonym checking technology approach. Our results are backed by a full money back warranty (something which no other service offers).

Compared to most conventional plagiarism checking services and free plagiarism checking alternatives provides true, in-depth plagiarism checking: better to be thorough than risking getting failed or fired! Trust your documents to true professionals not alternatives which offer little more than a false sense of security. Click here to read what we offer and why we can back our claims.

Additionally, we provide proofreading, editing, writing, and plagiarism correction services for professionals and editors.


Is my document stored in any database?

Our system is extremely secure and to ensure your privacy and confidentiality, only you, the account holder (not even our staff) can access submitted documents or view plagiarism reports.

To ensure privacy further, once a plagiarism report is generated, the original submitted document is automatically deleted from our database. There is absolutely no possibility of your documents being detected by, or shared with any third-party service, system or individual.


Video Tutorials offers an intuitive and extremely user friendly interface for submitting documents and downloading reports. See the video tutorials below to walk through the simple process: