Plagiarism Checker Service FAQs

What is the Document Correction service?

Our Document Correction service can help eradicate plagiarism from your existing documents, add and correct citations, as well as updating the references and bibliographic content. This is all part of one package (click here to read more).

Majority of our Plagiarism Correction work comes to us from individuals who purchase pre-written papers or hire third parties (companies or free-lance writers) to write their papers, these papers are usually fraught with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, writing and citation mistakes, and more often than not, are simple copy/pasted versions of earlier written papers, backed by fraudulent or incomplete plagiarism reports, simply to falsely placate customers. All these short comings can cost students or writers dearly in the form of getting fined (if caught for plagiarism), failed, expelled or fired. can help you by providing a free assessment of your document for plagiarism, and then correcting the document for all aforementioned issues, to the point of getting it 100% ready for submission.

Additionally, the document is formatted and corrected according to the writing style of your choice (APA, Harvard, Turabian or MLA).

Document Correction service can also be used to proofread & edit or write fresh, custom papers spanning any topic (law, medical, business, admission essays, etc), in addition to correcting plagiarism in already written papers.


Comparing Multiple Documents

Document Comparison allows your own submitted documents to be checked against each other for similar content

If you simply need to compare your own submitted documents for similarities, without a full plagiarism checking account (or if you wish to add this option to an existing account), click here to get started (separate/add-on service) - Compare Multiple Documents for Similarities {loadnavigation}

Plagiarism Report Guide

Before reading through this FAQ it is recommended you download and open the Sample Plagiarism Report. (Adobe PDF Reader required)

Each plagiarism report is split into three sections, the PAPER DETAILS, following this is the MARKED TEXT section and following it is the RELEVANT SOURCES section. The details are as below:

  • PAPER DETAILS section contains your Overall Plagiarism Index, this is a rating of the total plagiarism found in your document (this is calculated by adding individual percentages of all links found in the RELEVANT SOURCES section).
    • RELEVANT SOURCES section contains links to publications, websites, articles, journals, books, student papers, blogs, Internet links, etc. of WHERE plagiarism occurred from and appears near the end of the plagiarism report.
    • Highlighted Text in the report body shows WHAT plagiarism has occurred.

    For example, if you copy/paste something from then the link will show up in the SOURCES section while what has been copied from there will be highlighted in the body section of the report.

    Plagiarism correction is an iterative process and requires correction then re-checking the document to ensure plagiarism has been removed. If you are constrained for time, we offer professional plagiarism correction, proofreading & editing services to remove plagiarism from documents.

    The Assessment section lists professional comments from the system regarding plagiarism percentage detected in the submitted document, as well as grammar analysis of written content, suggesting changes required to the paper.


Multiple languages support supports plagiarism checking and content searches in over 80 languages, including most Western scripts (Italian, French, German, Danish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.), as well as many Eastern scripts, including Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Arabic, Hindi, and Japanese.


Benefits of using the Document Correction Service?

Plagiarism scrutiny has now evolved to the point where even a minute indiscretion can raise red flags. Colleges, universities and employers increasingly take a tough stance on any plagiarized material, as they should. So how does one navigate this potential minefield of mistakes without breaking the bank or consuming too much time?

Introducing our new Document Correction Service.

Take advantage of our considerable suite of resources to not only have your documents checked for plagiarism but also corrected, by our professional writers! Forget the sub-par writing you have come to expect from so called free lance writers and websites. With us you can be sure of having your documents corrected by actual professionals. Our writers have backgrounds and experience in writing essays, theses & dissertations for U.K and U.S.A based universities. Backed by our patented plagiarism checking service, you can rest assured that not only are your documents clean but also professionally corrected.

And with our simple yet smart payment plans you don't end up spending a fortune for guaranteed results!

  • Timely delivery of your documents.
  • 100% plagiarism free, checked and backed by our unique and award winning service.
  • UNLIMITED number of professional corrections done by real and experienced writers.

So, whether you need proofreading & editing, new paper written or plagiarism corrected from an existing document, click here to visit our Document Correction portal.