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Source: "Matt Petronzio, Mashable (August, 2012)"

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"...If you want a powerful plagiarism checker backed by a 100 percent guarantee that actually lives up to its bold promises, choose"

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"Rated higher than TurnItIn and SafeAssign"

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Reviewed by The University of Applied Sciences, Chur (Switzerland) - Teacher Plagiarism Checker Review

Source: "Functionality of plagiarism checker softwares tested by University of Applied Sciences Chur, 2009"

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Over 7,500

Legal and Medical concerns


Research Institutions



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  • - Effective Publications Plagiarism Checking

    Effective plagiarism detection requires checking through journals, articles, books etc.

    With strict copyright and content protection laws like SOPA/PIPA, it has become increasingly important to check documents, reports and even website content for plagiarism before approving/publishing them. And, as plagiarists become sophisticated, it is essential for systems to supplement web checking with major Medical, Law, Business, and Scientific databases (IEEE, JSTOR, EMERALD, PUBMED etc.) for effective plagiarism checking.

    unlike most other systems, our system checks through publications to produce effective and guaranteed results

  • Our service requires only a web browser (with free adobe flash player installed), and an Internet connection to work.

    No expensive or extensive installations or training required. All components are hosted on our secure (2056-bit SSL secured system). See how easy it is to begin using our system (video): - Plagiarism Checker System Preview

  • checks documents in most western and eastern scripts:

    English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc. (any language in UTF-8 encoding can be checked through the system).

    Multiple File Formats:

    MS Word (.DOC / .DOCX), WordPerfect (.WPS), PostScript (.PS), PDF (.PDF), HTML (.HTM / .HTML), RTF (.RTF), and Plain Text (.TXT).
  • Multiple Researchers and User Accounts (at no additional cost):

    Our system is very easy to deploy for an institution of any size. Accounts can have multiple users absolutely FREE, included with the base subscription.

    System configuration can be customized to unique institutional requirements, easily and rapidly.

    Configuration options include:

    concurrent multiple logins for user accounts, multiple user/researchers accounts - at no additional cost, configuring the system tailored for your organization, simply requires an Internet connection and a web browser to access, no training required, 24/7/365 support available online.
  • Very easy to read report format showing full sources and highlighting plagiarized content aimed at researchers to clearly identify copied content in submitted documents

    Reports are designed to clearly identify what plagiarized content has been copied from which source

    report excerpt below shows a section of the report highlighting plagiarized/copied content in a checked paper (click to enlarge) - Plagiarism Report Format Excerpt

  • Compare your submitted documents against each other:

    If you simply need to compare your own submitted documents for similarities, without a full plagiarism checking account, click here to get started (separate/add-on service).

    Document Comparison Service - Professional Plagiarism Checker for Researchers

Provide users, managers, etc.
with the account login details
you created when signing up.

Users enter login details
on our web portal to access a
submission area, specifically
created for the institution.

Following this, the process of
comparing documents with
publications, books, journals
and other sources starts.

The system will send an e-mail/
text alert, as soon as the scan
is completed. You can then log
in to download the reports.


Monthly Professional Plagiarism Checking Account

Suitable for light and occasional plagiarism checking for individual professionals and small-sized organizations.

Account Details (click here)

  • 20 document submissions / every 24-hrs *
  • 30 days validity period
  • 25,000-words limit per document **
  • multiple languages support
  • full professional publications checking (journals, books, articles, magazines, etc.)
  • fast report turnaround
  • clear and detailed plagiarism reports
  • 100% cloud based service (no software installations required)
  • customizable implementation
  • upgrade anytime seamlessly
  • SMS / Text notifications

* upgradeable to any required quantity

** upgradeable to any required number


Yearly Professional Plagiarism Checking Account

Suitable for most publishers, publication organizations, researchers, editors, and writing institutions.

Account Details (click here)

  • 50 document submissions / every 24-hrs *
  • 365 days validity period
  • 50,000-words limit per document **
  • multiple languages support
  • full professional publications checking (journals, books, articles, magazines, etc.)
  • fast report turnaround
  • clear and detailed plagiarism reports
  • 100% cloud based service (no software installations required)
  • customizable implementation
  • upgrade anytime seamlessly
  • SMS / Text notifications

* upgradeable to any required quantity/FUP applies

** upgradeable to any required number

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WEBSITE CONTENT SCANNING - Guaranteed Plagiarism Checking Service with Money Back Warranty

Full url scanning for copied/duplicate content

In an age of strict laws like SOPA/PIPA, coupled with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! demoting websites for duplicate and/or copied (repeated) text, make sure your business has original content only. Click here to contact us today.

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