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CheckForPlagiarism.net was created by dedicated professionals, teachers and students to combat both, online and offline based plagiarism.

CheckForPlagiarism.net was formed as a brainchild of professionals who colluded to bring forth aCheckForPlagiarism.net - Academic Plagiarism Checking and Document Correction Services
product which helps combat plagiarism while maintaining intellectual property and privacy. Our goal is not just to identify plagiarism but is rather an effort to educate students and professionals about what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it.

Initially launched as a closed project for a few in-house projects, CheckForPlagiarism.net has evolved as an independent and reliable service for professionals and students alike, with established presence through individuals globally.

Using cutting edge technology to check submitted documents through billions of books, articles, magazines, Internet sources and academic journals, our results are reliable and guaranteed to identify even the most subtle attempts at either intentional (deliberate) or unintentional (erroneous) plagiarism.