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Refund Policy, Money Back Guarantee, and Service Disclaimer

Privacy Pledge

CheckForPlagiarism.net takes your privacy seriously. Your information is your sole proprietary right and as such we guard it fiercely. Our document checking engine will match your submitted documents through our patented algorithm, without divulging the contents of your submitted document. Additionally, no submitted documents are ever retained in our database or shared with any third-party. Click here for details..

Refund Policy

Once your document has been submitted for processing you will no longer be eligible for a refund. If however, there is a problem with your plagiarism-originality-report, please contact our help desk and we can review your request for a refund.

Our system checks through the world wide web, including public documents, Open and Restricted databases and publication repositories to check through billions of journals, books, articles and related publications. However, please note that we do not claim to index 100% of all publications, books, journals etc. as such a claim would be erroneous, impossible, and un-realistic. Refund requests for missed matches or non-included publications will not be entertained.

Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee is limited to an individual and/or an institution proving that our plagiarism results fall short in comparison to any of our leading competitors, in all areas of plagiarism checking (Internet Checking, Database Checking, etc.).

Service Disclaimer

We update our publications engine periodically and currently index several billion sources, as such, like any other service, we do not claim to index 100% of all publications or Internet sources. Such a claim, if made by any service, should be considered false and unrealistic.

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