Plagiarism Report Guide

Before reading through this FAQ it is recommended you download and open the Sample Plagiarism Report. (Adobe PDF Reader required)

Each plagiarism report is split into three sections, the PAPER DETAILS, following this is the MARKED TEXT section and following it is the RELEVANT SOURCES section. The details are as below:

  • PAPER DETAILS section contains your Overall Plagiarism Index, this is a rating of the total plagiarism found in your document (this is calculated by adding individual percentages of all links found in the RELEVANT SOURCES section).
    • RELEVANT SOURCES section contains links to publications, websites, articles, journals, books, student papers, blogs, Internet links, etc. of WHERE plagiarism occurred from and appears near the end of the plagiarism report.
    • Highlighted Text in the report body shows WHAT plagiarism has occurred.

    For example, if you copy/paste something from then the link will show up in the SOURCES section while what has been copied from there will be highlighted in the body section of the report.

    Plagiarism correction is an iterative process and requires correction then re-checking the document to ensure plagiarism has been removed. If you are constrained for time, we offer professional plagiarism correction, proofreading & editing services to remove plagiarism from documents.

    The Assessment section lists professional comments from the system regarding plagiarism percentage detected in the submitted document, as well as grammar analysis of written content, suggesting changes required to the paper., posizionamento sui motori