What is the Document Correction service?

Our Document Correction service can help eradicate plagiarism from your existing documents, add and correct citations, as well as updating the references and bibliographic content. This is all part of one package (click here to read more).

Majority of our Plagiarism Correction work comes to us from individuals who purchase pre-written papers or hire third parties (companies or free-lance writers) to write their papers, these papers are usually fraught with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, writing and citation mistakes, and more often than not, are simple copy/pasted versions of earlier written papers, backed by fraudulent or incomplete plagiarism reports, simply to falsely placate customers. All these short comings can cost students or writers dearly in the form of getting fined (if caught for plagiarism), failed, expelled or fired.

CheckForPlagiarism.net can help you by providing a free assessment of your document for plagiarism, and then correcting the document for all aforementioned issues, to the point of getting it 100% ready for submission.

Additionally, the document is formatted and corrected according to the writing style of your choice (APA, Harvard, Turabian or MLA).

Document Correction service can also be used to proofread & edit or write fresh, custom papers spanning any topic (law, medical, business, admission essays, etc), in addition to correcting plagiarism in already written papers.

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